Who we are.

Founded in 2013, eKwacha is a one-stop shop for multiple digital financial services, providing agency banking, social cash transfer and distribution, mobilemoney and electronic payment services to promote totgal financial inclusion in Malawi. It changed its legal status in 2016 as a Limited Company.
The Company is owned by Aryan Holdings Limited of Malawi(75%) and Maviance GmbH of Germany (25%).

Our Vision

Our Vission is to strive for unmatched excellence in financial services and business management services provision.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve total financial inclusion in Malawi, thus banking the unbanked population, while growing business through our extensive business experience and exposure by creating wealth and abundunce for all stakeholders. "Doing business together-benefiting together".


eKwacha believes that good governance is critical to success of any organization, partucularly as agents and consulting business where governance will offer additional protection to all stakeholders eKwacha is fully committed to effective corporate governance and the need for integrity and high ethical standards in the conductof its business.

National Presence

Why Us?

We offer an unprecedented set of services and here is why our clients, merchants and agents choose us and why you should do the same.

With eKwacha, you will get:

24/7 Availability

Highly-available platform allows 24/7/365 access and provision of services to clients and agents respectively.

No Installation Costs

Negligible startup and installation costs for new agents. Ease of access for clients and decreased costs in accessing services.

Increased Revenue

Multiple channels allow agents and merchants to access wider markets and increase their Return on Investment.

Secure Channels

Secure channels allowing guaranteed transactions and safety of investment.

Comprehensive Services

A wide variety of services from multiple merchants/service providers, all in one place

Empowering Small Businesses

We encourage partnerships with small businesses, women and marginalized groups, equipping them with the necessary skills and tools to conduct business through the eKwacha platform. We believe it is our social responsibility to contribute to the development of our country by prioritizing and empowering these groups. Together we are building a better Malawi!